The bedroom is often the place where we need to be most organised in how we store our belongings. Different clothes for different occasions. Just the right amount of hanging spaces whether it’s for shirts, jackets, skirts, or the longer items that may not be worn as often but need to be kept clean and crease free.

At Enfield Carpentry we have had years of experience coming up with stunning and efficient use of space in wardrobe design. We can discuss your particular needs and design the perfect solution tailored for you. Our units can include full extension drawers so no space is left unused or extending hanging fittings if you have small awkward spaces. Once again, the materials we select will be just what you need for your room, and can range from classic and traditional in design to simple, clean and contemporary.

Wardrobe Mirror Doors
Walnut Draws Open
Walnut Draws
Victorian Wardorbe
Oak Wardrobe
Oak Mirror Wardrobe
Oakclad Wardrobe
Bespoke Victorian Fluted Wardrobe
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