The anatomy of a job

Bare room

There is a lot that goes on between you, the client, getting a thought in your head (“Ooh, you know what? I think I need new wardrobes/alcove units etc”) and sitting back and looking adoringly at your amazing new piece of furniture.

When you get in touch, we will talk through your ideas, but also try to get behind that to what it is you actually need. (not always the same at all)
Based on that we may give you a ball park figure for the project.

After that initial chat, and if the costs are within your budget, we will probably set up an appointment to come over and meet up, but also ask you to take a look on our Facebook page which shows many examples of the bespoke items we have created for our clients. This is really important for you because not only can it help formalise a better understanding of what you need and like, but also a really extensive impression of the quality of our design and work.

There are a few important things to consider.

  1. What kind of finish are you aiming for? Paint or varnished timber. Although we actually don’t carry out the painting or varnishing, it’s essential to determine what materials to us.
  2. If varnished timber, do you want oak, mahogany or walnut? (only three of many choices)
  3. Are there any electrical fittings that need incorporating or moving?

Spectacular achievement is always preceded by spectacular preparation.

Robert H. Schuller

So when we meet up we will continue to discuss what you are aiming at and take precise measurements and once you place your order we will give you a date to commence the work. We ( I say we but actually it’s James) will produce a very detailed cutting list for our machinists to prepare all the materials. This enables the job to be done quickly and cleanly at your home, causing the minimum disturbance and inconvenience to you

On the day we start work we will have asked you to make a space in the room big enough for us to work in, as most of the larger units are constructed laying down so we need a reasonable amount of room for this.

Let’s face it, to be honest you want us out as soon as possible so we don’t take breaks. We are hardy men, so we start early, work to the end and don’t go to the pub for a long lunch. Last part of the job after all the tools are cleared away is a really good clear up. James just loves to vacuum, so everything is neat and tidy when we leave.

Office after